Bach Flower Remedies


“Just as God in His mercy has given us food to eat, so has He placed amongst the herbs of the fields, beautiful plants to heal us when we are sick.  These are there to extend a helping hand to man in those dark hours of forgetfulness when he loses sight of his Divinity, and allows the cloud of fear or pain to obscure his vision.”  -Dr. Edward Bach

Bach Flower Remedies were formulated by Dr. Edward Bach, a talented medical doctor and homeopath who developed a healing system based on the belief that a number of flowers have the capacity to exercise a healing effect through dealing with the disharmony that may exist between facets of our mental being and those of our spiritual being. These remedies are currently used throughout the world and are acknowledged for their gentle yet incredibly powerful qualities.

Remedies may be recommended by a naturopath or by a trained Bach Flower practitioner. After an interview and a discussion of treatment goals, a custom-blended Bach Flower Remedy can be created to best address the specific needs of the individual.

Flower essences can address the disharmonies in the mind or emotions that are the underlying causes giving rise to so many physical ills. They may also help us to become more aware of what it is in our nature or temperament that manifests as disharmony and disease. A greater possibility of resolving these issues by helping us to take a greater responsibility for our lives, our well-being, and continue our voyage of self-discovery.

Clinical evidence has shown that personalized creations of Bach Flower Remedies can provide an alleviation of symptoms associated with various emotional challenges including those associated with trauma, anxiety, depression, and grief.

Carol Damoth is a trained Bach Flower Practitioner.

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