Healing Touch


It is the conscious weaving of ourselves into the net of connection that carries us through doubt. The life force that binds us all together was here before we began and undoubtedly will outlast us. But for this fleeting leg of the journey, at least we can choose where to place our intentions as we ride the current.


The energy medicine modality known as Healing Touch began under the auspices of The American Holistic Nurses Association and exists in a paradigm based on the idea that energy and consciousness underlies the physical and biochemical structures of the body. Healing Touch incorporates light touch to influence the energy field surrounding the body and the energy centers (chakras) that control energetic flow. It’s theoretical roots include both ancient healing practices and principles of quantum mechanics.

Setting the intention to serve the greatest and highest good of the individual is the starting point for any Energy Medicine session. This intention is firmly rooted in the belief that each individual possesses the innate ability to heal and to maintain their health and Healing Touch is designed to support and nurture this innate power. It is believed that our energy field contains all of our memories, the totality of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experiences. Consequently, through energy work, process and healing take place on a level of awareness that may transcend the cognitive and conscious plane.

The Healing Touch protocol includes specific techniques to assist with a variety of physical and emotional challenges including, but not limited to, trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, ADD, headaches, infertility, acute and chronic pain, and the shifting of maladaptive mental and behavioral patterns.

Healing Touch is not a substitute for traditional medical care. No two courses of healing will ever be exactly alike. However, Healing Touch has been shown to be beneficial for many people in helping to process stressors of everday life which can impede our experience of living vibrantly and joyfully.

Carol Damoth is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and practices in accordance with Healing Touch International’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

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